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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Game of The Night Preview: Jazz Vs. Blazers #RPTZFLZ


      I usually avoid watching games involving either of these teams because they look the same every season.  They both tend to play the middle of the pack with the same players they've had forever.  This game tonight though intrigues me for that fact.  Something's gotta give between these teams.  Which one of them is going to break out of that logjam first?  Both sides should be healthy and ready to go so we'll finally get to see which team is better.  For the most part.
     What's Good?: Jusuf Nurkic is back and the Blazers really missed him.  His return is probably why a lot of fans are looking at the Blazers to break out of the west.
     What's Bad?: The missing fans.  Damian Lillard tends to play off of energy.  It shouldn't interrupt his game much, but it's fun watching him respond to their energy.
     The X-Factor: Carmelo Anthony coming off the bench for the Blazers is going to be the element that's going to be hard for most teams to match.  He's still not the defender but he seems to be in the best shape of his career and he was born to score.  How effective will he be leading the charge off of the bench?

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