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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

The Toronto Raptors 2020 - 2021 Basketball Camp Preview: Diamond In The Rough - Paul Watson


The point and shooting guard positions are the easiest to fill on an NBA roster.  Not necessarily the easiest to get all-star production from but definitely not the hardest to find and going into this season's abbreviated training camp the Raptors find themselves with a handsome bounty of guards at both those positions.

  One of those players is Paul Watson.  A 6'4" guard blessed with spectacular speed and athleticism.  

  The thing that attracts me most to his game is that he knows his game.  He doesn't second guess and he doesn't go outside of it.  If the lane is open, he takes it, if a long-distance shot is open, he takes it.  It's an efficiency that's needed from deep bench players on a team that's looking to make a deep playoff run, in a season that might see teams lose as many as four players at a time.

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