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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Quick Take: The Arrival of Austin Rivers. #RPTZFLZ

I've always liked Austin Rivers, he showed promise right out of high school.  Following a decent run at Duke, he transitioned to an NBA where small point guards were the rule, which ruled him out.  Too big and slow to hang with the likes of the Chris Pauls and John Walls and small to ball with the larger shooting guards in the league, he bounced around and luckily, was just serviceable enough to stick around on most rosters.
      The league is different now.  It's reliant on talent built big enough to rebound and defend but small enough to run and gun, and it's the type of game that suits the likes of Austin Rivers just right.  Even better he fits well on a team where there are players young enough for him to relate to and his experience gives him enough of a rep to co-captain and lead without being viewed as a bully.  They may still be lacking that veteran point guard, but they may not need one for now.  They look good so far and I can envision him sticking around for a long time, which will be good for Knick fans who've been craving stability for the past few seasons.


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