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Saturday, 13 March 2021

#FirstTake #NBA Does the NBA have a 3-pointer problem? First Take debates #FLZVZN

Yes!  And I'm looking at my own Toronto Raptors for this flaw.  Ideally, everyone on a team being able to shoot the three-point shot is a bonus.  The problem is that it has taken away from so many other facets of a player's game that the team tends to live or die by it.  

It's great when that shot is falling for everybody, but when it isn't, the Raptors are dead meat against teams in the upper echelons of conference standings.

I don't think they need to move the line anywhere, I just think they need to appoint moments of the game where there are more incentives to attempt the shot.  Hopefully, if there are any rule changes, they're more in line with improving the flow of the game rather than interrupting it.

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