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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

#NBA #KJZ Blake Griffin makes the Nets overwhelming championship favorites - Jay Williams | KJZ #FLZVZN #RPTZFLZ

Does he really?  The Nets were already considered a pretty good bet to be the eastern conference champions so, they wouldn't need a whole lot more to be the odds on favourite to win it all, but to say Blake Griffin clinches it, might be a bit of a reach.
He simply hasn't shown the desire to win and it really shouldn't matter what team he's playing on and what position they're in.  
James Harden showed up every night for a team he had no desire to play for moving forward, so when he joined the Brooklyn Nets, it was apparent that they were going to contend.  And even though he took a pay cut to join the Brooklyn Nets, you have to wonder if he's not joining the team just to be carried to a championship or if he genuinely wants to contribute.  He's said he wants to be a champion but does he wanna earn it?  If he shows up in the right mindset then a championship shouldn't be hard to happen for the Nets but if he doesn't, I don't think I'd pick them over a healthy Lakers team, that adds one more key player to the mix.

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