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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Game of The Night Preview: Lakers Vs. Clippers #RPTZFLZ


   Opening night of the NBA's 2020 -2021 season presents a tough choice for the game of the night.  I'm going to go with the Lakers - Clippers game since Draymond Green won't be showing up for the Warriors - Nets tilt and it just won't be any fun without him.
   The Clippers all but promised a championship to those rogue basketball fans in Los Angeles who choose to root for them and they came up very short of actualizing those expectations.  This is a new season, though only a couple of months removed from the last, and Clippers fans may have more reasons to be optimistic.
   What's Good?: You're potentially watching the battle for the western conference championship when you watch these two teams play.  Arguably combining the most talent and championship pedigree in the west, it's hard to bet against either one.
   What's Bad?: Is everyone healthy?  I mean injury-wise and energy-wise.  They each battled hard in the playoffs not very long ago.  It'll be interesting to see who finishes the game more than anything else.
   The X-Factor: What do the Clippers look like on the court this season in terms of leadership?  Will Paul George be the on-court vocal leader or will Serge Ibaka bring the co-leadership role he held in Toronto to the Clippers?

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