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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Game of The Night Preview: Suns Vs. Kings #RPTZFLZ

      They're not the powerhouses of the west but they're young and energetic and they probably think they've each got a shot in this game.
      What's Good?: De'Aaron-Fox continues to impress and Chris Paul's ability to score and create makes this Suns team a little bit more competitive and disciplined.
      What's Bad?: Because each team will see this as a 'gettable' game, it's most likely not going to be pretty.  Bad shot selection and turnovers should abound but it should be fast-paced.
      The X-Factor: Expect a high scoring game from Fox and Booker but I'll be watching Deandre Ayton, I wanna get a better sense of what his game is like.


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