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Monday, 4 January 2021

The Raptors Files NBA Game of The Week: 76ers Vs. Brooklyn Nets #RPTZFLZ

      It's a preview of what would most likely be the best eastern conference finals since the Bull Vs. Knicks.  The most interesting thing about this series right now is that it potentially, might not look the same in a playoff series.  It's not likely but James Harden could be on one of these teams by that time.  If not I have to imagine that one of the teams will try to make a move to shore up their chances.  And depending on who makes what move, it's not impossible to foresee one of these teams as an NBA champion.  
       In the meantime, I like that each of their stars plays different positions, for the most part.  That should make for a game featuring a lot of switching, mismatching, and overall fast pace.  I wouldn't be surprised if the result of this game made either team change their opinion about trading for James Harden or otherwise.


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