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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Can adding more rules make the NBA more fun? Katie Nolan on the 3-point shooting trends | HQ #RPTZFLZ #FLZVZN

Personally, I would like to see the NBA turn the three-point shot into more of a power play of sorts.  

I'd like to see them adjust the rules to where teams have to earn the three-point shot.  I don't know how but the game really needs to get back to a sense of fundamental play, where the ball gets moved around the floor which makes the game more exciting in the half-court.  Ball movement makes for a more active game, making the defense more active, leading to more fast breaks and fewer shots being chucked up by everybody in a uniform.

It would just be great to see centers being able to take and make a hook shot.  Twos and threes be able to make the mid-range and pull up jumper and ones be able to control the offense and get players open shots, that's all.

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