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Sunday, 27 June 2021

#ESPN #KJZ #Olympics Will the Olympics bring life to the next NBA superteam? | KJZ

Hopefully not.  I can imagine the older players on the team conspiring on a come-up, but I think the whole super team concept is becoming a trend of the past generation.

The Trae Youngs, Tatums, Morants, and Bookers seem to be cut from a different cloth.  They're ultra-competitive and I think the notion of teaming up with other superstars would probably be insulting to them.

A lot of these new kids grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant and he wasn't the type to go around the league begging players to join him.  He lived to compete against the best and I think a part of his legacy is creating a culture of players who think the same way.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Coca-Cola Nationals πŸ₯€πŸ€ | SHIEKH #RPTZFLZ

Is The NBA Draft Still Relevant? | 06/23/21 #FLZVZN

Disincentivizing a full-on tanking has breathed new life into it.  Watching the same teams, year in and year out in the lottery was definitely hampering the league's parity and hampering the development of players trapped on teams that were badly run.

I can't see how it would become less relevant as a means for players to get to the NBA at the moment, but I can imagine as other leagues, like the G-League and the ABL and so on continue to grow and the NCAA gets less attractive, it might shrink the draft down to one round or maybe even down to just the lottery picks.

NBA Draft Lottery: Toronto Raptors #FLZVZN


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#normanpowell #knicks #knicksfree What would Norman Powell bring to the New York Knicks? #FLZVZN

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

#NBA Did Ben Simmons’ Game 7 performance ruin his trade value? | SportsNation #FLZVZN

Not necessarily.  As they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure, and Ben Simmons is a reclamation project worth the effort.

The thing is the Sixers don't really have to trade him.  Ben Simmons' career is salvageable.  It's not even really in the dumps.  The Sixers organization is as much to blame for his performance as he is.

The first thing he and everyone in the organization need to come to terms with is that he's not a guard.  Of any sort or kind.  Once they've come to terms with the fact that he's better off at the four, they'll be able to start formulating a game style that works for him and the team.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

#RichEisenShow #NBA #DamianLillard The Athletic’s Sam Amick on the Possibility the Blazers Trade Damian Lillard | The Rich Eisen Show #FLZVZN

I think that this video is a little bit dramatic.  

The Blazers wouldn't have to close up shop and move to Seattle if Damian Lillard were to leave

Where I do agree with this video is the possibility of Damian Lillard seeking to leave the team this offseason.  I'm not saying it's likely to happen, I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised.

If he leaves, it wouldn't have anything to do with a perceived dislike of the city of Portland or an inability to draw all-star level players, it will have more to do with the organization's creative inability.  

The Blazers have had great players play for their franchise but no matter what moves they make, it never seems to be enough, so I don't even know if a new head coach is going to be enough to persuade him to stay, no matter who it is.

If the Blazers were to move Damian Lillard, it would set them back a little bit, but I can't imagine them not remaining relevant to the league and the fans in Portland.

Friday, 18 June 2021

'I don't see Kemba Walker playing a game for the Thunder' - Marc J. Spears | The Jump #FLZVZN

I don't know about that.  At the same time, the Thunder don't seem to be tied to too many players outside of Dort and Alexander.

There is an upside to keeping Walker around a bunch of young players who need a floor general, but the Thunder are young enough and competitive enough to keep the fans in the seats while they continue to hunt down a more long-term option.

I have a feeling Sam Presti's hunt for more draft picks isn't over but he may be forced to start forming the foundation of the team, sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo Being Uncomptetitive In Calling Kevin Durant The World's Greatest Player?

I don't think that there's anything wrong with acknowledging a fact like Giannis did, I just don't think he should've done it aloud.

We all grew up playing ball at the local park or open gym or whatever and had that one dude who was unstoppable.  That dude that embarrassed you and made you go home wanting to quit playing the game altogether. After those games, you might mutter under your breath about how good that dude was but you wouldn't admit even to your mother how much better than you he was because it wouldn't help to have the thought in your mind the next time you went to try to beat him.

And I think that it might be the point where Giannis erred.  Now, not only has he affirmed this thought in his own mind but he's given Kevin Durant a mental edge the next time he plays, whether he sincerely believes it or not.

The Buck's had finally broken ground gaining some equal measure of competitiveness with the Nets on the court but Giannis' statement, as the team leader, might have set the team back a bit.

I get that Giannis is a humble dude and all, and it's a refreshing break from the routine of an athlete who tends to lean into their celebrity.  On the court though, I think the fans of the team and his teammates would prefer that he table that notion for discussion after the season is officially over or, better yet, after he retires.